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Guided by Principle

The work we do matters. But the way we work is just as important. Because of this, our Principles of Conduct are an essential part of what sets us apart and what has earned the trust of our customers. They guide everything we do as a company and they start with the belief that the people who make up our team will always be our most valuable asset:

•  We will foster personal development on our team.

•  We will lead by example and instill the values of sincerity and hard work.

•  We will honor the admirable characteristics in each other.

•  We will conduct business centered on personal empowerment, excellence and integrity.

•  We will celebrate and sharpen personal strengths.

•  We will transform personnel and never stop growing.


At Genesis we esteem courage over cowardice, confidence over arrogance, clear purpose over presumption and perseverance over slothfulness. We believe that deep within all successful endeavors is the commitment to diligence, a refusal to quit, and faithfulness to every commitment.

To be anything else would not be Genesis.