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Space Avionics


Our class 100K avionic lab houses a skilled manufacturing team backed by experienced designers. We utilize board layout design software and a wide range of equipment.

Our Equipment

  • Automated Stencil Printer
  • Wave Solder Machine
  • Electrovert OmniFlo
    10-Hot Gas Reflow Oven
  • Mycronics Automated Pick and Place
  • Aqueous Cleaner
  • Conformal Coat Equipment
  • Rehm Thermal System
  • CondensoXS Vacuum
  • Condensation Soldering System
  • Circuit Card Assembly(CCA) Lamination
  • Class Zero Workstations
  • Lead Forming and Tinning
  • Forced Hot Gas Rework Station
  • NIST Calibration Requirement

Genesis is licensed to produce and market the NASA GSFC SpaceCube 2.0 design, GEN6000, which utilizes reconfigurable processor technology.

Our end-to-end Space Avionics capabilities include 
the following demonstrated circuit card processes which meet all NASA requirements:

Surface Mount Technology

  • Leadless Chip Carriers
  • Ball Grid Array (1760)
  • Column Grid Array (1760)
  • Chip Capacitors/ Resistors
  • TSOP & Flatpack
  • Lamination Process
  • 2 PWBs Mounted to Heatsink
  • Hypertronics cPCI Connectors

Avionic and Electrical Certifications

  • IPC J-STD-001– Space Addendum to IPC J-STD-001 Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Connections
  • NASA-STD-8739.3 – Soldered Electrical Connections
  • NASA-STD-8739.4 – Crimping, Interconnecting Cables, Harnesses and Wiring
  • NASA-STD-8739.1 Polymeric Application and Inspection
  • NASA-STD 8739.1 Mate/Demate connector training
  • 300-PG-8730.6.1 ESD Control Plan
  • Cleanroom
  • Confined Space