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In recent years we have partnered with offsite partners to build our innovative composite design solutions. These products have overcome mass restrictions and harsh cryogenic environmental conditions such as Deep Space Radiator Simulators for testing on the JWST program and isolation systems for the International Space Station. Our engineers’ past experiences range from unmanned aerial systems like the Global Hawk to the Orion Spacecraft.

Current Work

Currently our engineers are working on the WFIRST high stability optical composite structure. Working in partnership within NASA teams, we’re developing lower risk solutions to composite joints.

What are your needs? We have the experience to deliver a working composite solution fully tested to the toughest standards. We have the resources to design, test, and build a composite solution for you.

Examples of Composite Structures

The ISIM Electronics Compartment (IEC) utilizes many unique composite features:

— Shell (fiberglass, nomex core, rohacell, carbon weave)

— Radiator Panels (aluminum core, facesheet, inserts

— Baffle Mirrors (fiberglass, carbon fiber, vapor deposited gold)

Composite Panel Build

— Aluminum Honeycomb core for lightweight bus structures with a variety of composite face sheet materials

— Radiator Panels (aluminum core, facesheet, inserts)

— DSR (Deep Space Radiators) Deep space thermal simulator

Innovative Composite Solutions

— Lightweight spring loaded hinge solution

Hollow beam structure and joint solutions

— Custom form fit light weight containers for fragile equipment delivery to ISS(Canadarm for example)