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Our Mechanical team works closely with Project Management and our Thermal, Electrical, and Optical teams to create informed and collaborative designs. From proof-of-concept development and prototyping, to full environmental testing and flight integration, our experienced personnel know what it takes to meet our unique industry needs.

Mechanical Product Examples

  • Flight Hardware (with supporting documentation and certifications)
  • Advanced Calibration, Characterization, and Alignment systems
  • Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
  • Flight Spare and flight like test hardware simulators
  • Positive pressure testing blast containment containers

Common GSE

  • Lift slings
  • Vibe and model test fixtures
  • Transportation dollies
  • Cold plates
  • Beam Image Analyzer (BIA)


Often, when high quality thermal correlation is needed, it is necessary for a thermal balance test to yield both temperature and heat flow results. Genesis has extensive experience designing, building, and calibrating high accuracy heat flow measuring devices called Q-meters, which can be incorporated into a thermal balance test set-up to greatly enhance thermal measurement capability.

DSR (Deep Space Radiator)

A DSR is an extremely high-emissivity plate. As it is cooled to approximately 17 K it provides for the test article a flight-like thermal environment. Genesis has developed a unique manufacturing process for the DSR technology. Genesis efforts supported critical verification testing to document the emmissive properties over a range of temperatures.