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Contracting Options

Genesis has established contract vehicles to support Government, Defense, and Standard/ Commercial projects. This provides a gateway to our range of systems, products, services, and solutions. Based on our business model we are able to support all types of contracts including but not limited to Firm Fixed Price (FFP), Time & Material (T&M), and Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF).


Our GSFC customers can use the following contract vehicles to work with Genesis:  







We’re proud to be an authorized General Services Administration (GSA) provider of Professional  Services. We have a competitively-awarded Federal Supply Services Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract. The purpose of the contract is to provide authorized schedule users access to carefully qualified contractors who can assist them with their engineering-related needs.

How GSA Works

Under the MAS schedule, Genesis Engineering may provide federal agencies and their contractors:

Engineering Research & Development and Strategic Planning
[SIN 541715]

Engineering Services [SIN 541330ENG]

Test and evaluation / Testing Laboratories
[SIN 541380]

Engineering System Design and Integration Services
[SIN 541420]

MAS is a competitively awarded schedule contract with fixed labor rates. Fixed hourly rates have been determined to be fair and reasonable by the US Government. Task Orders referencing the GSA schedule number can flow directly from the contracting agency to Genesis Engineering. There is no “middle man,” no need to advertise, and no need to deal with anyone outside your own agency. Each Government agency has contract procedures to follow when using this streamlined and simplified procurement process. Please refer to FAR 8.4 for complete details.

Steps to Follow

1. You establish a service request through GSA Advantage

2. We are provided the pre-order information and statement of work

3. We provide you with a price estimate and other delivery information

4. A determination of the best value is made

5. The contract award is made and the task order is issued

6. We go to work executing the contract

Visit GSA Advantage for contract ordering information, terms and conditions, up-to-date pricing, and the option to create an electronic delivery order.