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Environmental Test

State of the Art Test Equipment

Your engineered flight hardware can be environmentally tested using our state of the art test equipment and service support. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can support you with test plan development, test configuration set up, instrumentation and real time monitoring and adjustments.

Our Dynavac Thermal Vacuum Chamber and Sentek Shaker table are perfect for instrument and small component environmental testing (see their technical specs here). You can also meet your contamination requirements using out TVAC chamber for bake outs complete with outgassing data provided by our RGA and QCM measurements.

Thermal Testing

  • Test Development and Planning Instrumentation
  • Standard GSE (Mechanical, Thermal, & Electrical)
  • Advanced Custom Cryogenic GSE (DSERS & QMeters)
  • Post Test Analysis

TVAC Technical Specs

Vibration Testing

  • High & Low Level Sinusoidal Vibration
  • Random Vibration

Vibration Table Specs

Acoustic Testing

  • Acoustic frequency response
  • Data Processing
  • Post Data Analysis
Note: We support this testing offsite at GSFC. We arrange for the testing and support the data processing along with post data analysis.

Modal Testing

  • Test article support
  • Verify response frequencies and modes
  • Free vibration response
  • Post Analysis Reports
Note: We support this testing offsite at GSFC and will arrange for testing and support the reports.

Mechanical Testing

  • Static Loading
  • Deflection
  • Data Processing
  • Analysis and Results
  • Impact