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Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation


The Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) lidar will reveal the 3-D architecture of forests. The unprecedented detail of these measurements will provide crucial information about the impact that trees have on the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.


In addition to providing general engineering expertise, our activity and support for the GEDI project includes:

  • Assisting with the design, configuration and maintenance of the GEDI laser and BDU experimental setups and build facilities
  • Performing incoming acceptance inspections of ETU and flight parts for the laser and BDU
  • Assisting as needed with design changes to the laser and BDU systems
  • Writing and carrying out flight level procedures and work orders
  • Supporting the assembly of the laser and BDU systems
  • Logistics assistance on the GEDI laser and BDU including manufacturing process flow, parts tracking and delivery
  • Documenting work performed in reports and presentations
  • Thermal Blankets