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Over 30 Years of Dependability

Our name “Genesis” speaks of origins and beginning. We approach every engineering challenge as opportunity for a powerful new beginning—a new solution, a new level of effectiveness, a new breakthrough in technology.  

We opened our doors in Lanham, Maryland, outside the gates of the Goddard Space Flight Center in 1993. From our inception, founder Robert Rashford wanted to build a company that would create high-tech solutions by unleashing the talents and passions of a highly trained team of engineers. Rashford himself has over 35 years of engineering experience. But more importantly he’s instilled in our team a commitment to work hard, do what is right, and always put the needs of our clients first. 

Decades later we’re still guided by the values of accountability and dependability. They aren’t just slogans for us. They’re principles we have staked our reputation on.  

Whether we’re prime or support as a subcontractor, we bring the same commitment to delivering the best product, at the best price, on the best schedule possible.