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Our Mechanical team works closely with Project Management and our Thermal, Electrical, and Optical teams to create informed and collaborative designs. From proof-of-concept development and prototyping, to full environmental testing and flight integration, our experienced personnel know what it takes to meet our unique industry needs.

Mechanical Product Examples

Flight Hardware (with supporting documentation and certifications)

Advanced Calibration, Characterization, and Alignment systems

Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

—GSE Common:

    Lift slings

    Vibe and model test fixtures

    Transportation dollies

    Cold plates

— GSE Customized for Cryogenic Applications

    Q Meters

    Deep Space Radiator Simulator (DSRS)

— GSE High Fidelity Systems

   Beam Image Analyzer (BIA)

Flight spare and flight like test hardware simulators

Positive pressure testing blast containment containers

High Accuracy heat-flow measuring devices.


Often, when high quality thermal correlation is needed, it is necessary for a thermal balance test to yield both temperature and heat flow results. Genesis has extensive experience designing, building, and calibrating high accuracy heat flow measuring devices called Q-meters, which can be incorporated into a thermal balance test set-up to greatly enhance thermal measurement capability.

DSR (Deep Space Radiator)

A DSR is an extremely high-emissivity plate. As it is cooled to approximately 17 K it provides for the test article a flight-like thermal environment. Genesis has developed a unique manufacturing process for the DSR technology. Genesis efforts supported critical verification testing to document the emmissive properties over a range of temperatures.