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Originally called “Space Cube 2.0” Genesis licensed Goddard’s technology and renamed it GEN6000. This design is an in-flight reconfigurable Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based on-board hybrid science data processing system.

Services Provided by Genesis

PWA Manufacturing

PWA Electrical Testing

Printed Wiring Board Design

Electrical / FPGA Design


GEN6000 technology provides 10x to 100x improvements in on-board computing power while lowering relative power consumption and cost. 

The GEN6000 design strategy incorporates commercial 
radiation-tolerant FPGA technology and couples it with an integrated upset detection and correction architecture to provide reliable “order of magnitude” improvements in computing power over traditional radiation-hardened flight systems.

Software Performance Testing at GSFC

Having passed the standard suite of component and board-level electrical tests,
this GEN6000 unit is set up at NASA GSFC for a final 2-week long test using flight-like software.